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Helena volunteers as part of the IE Research Team, under which this review has been written. She can be contacted at: helena. In Interpret Europe Newsletter , Does the new museology approach cater for everybody? If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm. Bruce Barton. My research and curatorial project EXODUS STATIONS is inviting contemporary artists to work with museological archives and to contribute to a critical reconsideration of national patrimony, to issues connected to colonial collecting practices, archiving, restitution, acquisition policy, migration of objects.

New Museology

The project will unfold in the museums, while integrating artistic work into the existing museological situation and aiming to a more contextual, critically aware and performative approach to the museologic object. In focus are ethnologic colonial collections — if private or public.

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The project is situated in the broad field of de-colonisation study as it follows mostly collections that have been formed or are heritage of colonial collecting and is dedicated to an experimental and conceptual display in museums which re-negotiates for the broad audience the inherited identity of objects. The project also observes the way in which the museums themselves regularly involve contemporary art in order to reformulate or reshape publicly their own symbolic capital and image in a specific cultural milieu and to create their cultural and geographic sphere of influence.

The artists follow mainly what happened to the objects and in which way has their nature, their integrity and their form been affected or modified due to their understanding as objects of research or collected items, due to their dislocation, their incorporation into a museologic discourse and into the national patrimony.

Yaiza Hernandez Velazquez - Liberating the museum / Liberating the curator

As the collected objects themselves have changed both physically and ideologically , the figure of the museum has also shifted significance and these mutual transformations appear through the lens of these artistic works. The project is also concerned with visual aspects of intellectual history. Recent practices of employing contemporary art in display strategies and information transmission have the capacity to make visible not only the physical patrimony, but also the immaterial heritage that museums transport. Through specific archival investigation, researcher-artists reveal the necessity to reconfigure cultural spaces of appurtenance of objects and documents found in museums, cultural representations of them, information around them, memories and narrative content that can be related to a colonial context and which have been neglected by museologic display or historiographic narratives.

Making visible to a museum audience these trajectories, reveals the meaning which have been attached to this object and the necessity to reconfigure cultural spaces of appurtenance. This series of residencies will be followed by exhibitions of these artists in the respective museums, whereas the newly produced artistic objects will be integrated and reconnected to the existing museologic historic pieces.

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The collection is formed by research campaigns in the Portuguese African colonies Mozambique, Angola and Guinea, organized by various ethnologic missions shortly before and after its founding in Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below.

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